MS Teams

Working remotely has become a way of life.

Recently we held an interesting conference for a client. There were 28 delegates at our conference venue in Randburg.

The client needed to simultaneously present the conference via video in Durban and Cape Town. All of this was handled by our technical staff using MS Teams (the client’s choice).
We set up a professional TV camera and gave the presenters a mobile lapel mounted microphone. This enabled delegates in Durban and Cape Town to see, hear and respond to the presenter. The delegates at our conference venue could also hear and see and speak to their colleagues.

Obviously the benefits were that Johannesburg based staff could physically attend the conference. Those far away did not need to fly to Johannesburg – a costly exercise and a Covid risk

Some of the presenters used Powerpoint, videos and PDFs. This was displayed on the screens and even the sound was perfect.

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