What to Look for When Selecting a Training Room in Johannesburg?

Finding a great training room or space to conduct seminars, workshops, conferences, etc., is far more complicated than you think. However, selecting the right venue to make an impact and ensure the event is as productive as you desire is important. 

Numerous factors need to be considered when choosing a training venue in Johannesburg. Starting from location to amenities and from available technologies to comfort offered to the guests in terms of facilities, ambiance, seating, etc., consider everything to land on the right decision. 

Here, at 435 Rugby Avenue Conference Centre, we bring together a perfect combination of various features clients commonly look for in a training venue without costing exorbitantly. 

The 435 Rugby Avenue Conference Centre is specifically designed to hold conferences, training, workshops, seminars, and smaller breakaway sessions with an accommodation capacity of 80 heads in our rooms.

Let us look into some factors when selecting a training room in Johannesburg. 

Location – Ease of Access

The training room you select must be easy to access for the guests.

If the guests can’t reach the venue conveniently, it would discourage the visitors from attending the event and may impact the overall footfall. This is especially the case for events that depend on voluntary attendance. 

Our 435 Rugby Venue Ferndale Conference Room is easily accessible and connected to all the major commercial hubs in Johannesburg. There is sufficient parking inside our venue.


The space of the training room you select must be sufficient to accommodate the required number of attendees. Also, the space shouldn’t be too cramped and must allow attendees to sit comfortably without feeling claustrophobic. 

At 435 Rugby Avenue, we have five fully-equipped spacious conference rooms of different sizes. It allows our clients to pick and choose the room that’s optimal for their events. 

From a board room that can accommodate eight people to larger training rooms that can easily accommodate 80 people, we have rooms to suit various requirements of our prospective clients. 


Training and conference rooms must be equipped with modern technologies for events to be seamless and successful.

From high-speed internet to projectors and large screen TV monitors, a training room needs the right combination of comfort, technology and environment to go about smoothly.

At 435 Rugby Avenue, we have large TV monitors, a modern sound system and data projectors to ensure you’ve access to everything you need to make your event a resounding success. 


Along with providing the right environment, sufficient space and access to modern technologies, a training room must have options for hosts to offer treats to their guests.

It helps refuel the participants’ energy and evens out stress and monotonous tone from the event.

At 435 Rugby Avenue Ferndale, we can arrange tea/coffee and light snacks for your event as well as full-lunch service, custom-tailored to your specific requirements. We serve teas and lunches in our gardens. It is a comfortable and conducive environment to productivity and learning.


At 435 Rugby Avenue, we are an economical and cost-effective training room you can trust to make your training, conference or any event a major success. 

Our well-maintained conference rooms are clean, comfortable and fitted with modern seating arrangements, ensuring participants’ comfort.

We offer all the services you can ask for in a training room with the most competitive pricing in Johannesburg. Request a free quote today!

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