February 3, 2021

Learning Centre

The objective of the Learning Centre at 435 Rugby Avenue is to provide facilities for teachers to offer extra lessons, training, tutoring, mentoring and homework supervision to learners.

How it works

We have facilities to accommodate 10 -15 teachers in small and large classrooms and bigger training rooms.

We invite teachers to join us to offer extra lessons, homework supervision – any skills that the teacher has and can impart to learners. This is not a school, but an after-hours and home schooling concept.

What we Provide

We provide facilities – classroom, technology, marketing. This is way better than a single teacher working from home and teaching one person at a time. There will be less distractions, for the learners and the entire complex will be one of learning and understanding,  rather than the informality of working on a dining  room table. We will be able to offer multiple classes offered by multiple teachers. Your learner may want to go to another teacher for a different subject and vice versa. We are equipped to offer a full service: on-line learning, Zoom sessions, classroom learning,

We do not charge for our facilities. This is a teacher’s own business activity. The teacher works as much as they wish. We only ask for a commission on income earned.

What a Teacher Gets From Us

  • Marketing:  Due to our critical mass we are able to do more marketing than any one person on their own. This would include advertising their skills and offerings on our website.
  • Facilities in a comfortable environment conducive to learning.
  • The learning centre will grow as more teachers come on board and more learners arrive, to all our benefits.
  • Admin: We have a reception/answering  service to take bookings and  schedule your teaching.

How this helps parents and learners

We are a one-stop learning centre. Whether your child needs extra maths or extra geography, there will be a teacher able to help. There is no driving around or waiting outside houses. We have ample inside parking. While waiting for lessons to finish you can grab a cup of coffee and chat to other parents.

Teaching offered

  • Extra lessons – all grades, all subjects
  • Homework supervision

The teacher’s role

Each teacher will have an office/desk and a classroom/office to teach from. The teacher manages their own teaching – they do not report to anyone. The income is their own, subject to paying us commission. They prepare and present their own material.

How to apply to be one of our teachers

  1. Send us your detailed CV.
  2. Explain in detail the types of lessons you want to offer.
  3. Identify the grades, ages of children, subjects and price you would like to offer.
  4. Include details of current extra lessons you are offering.

Our Teachers

Our Extra Lessons